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Love Song
Lesley Duncan Lyrics

The words I have to say
May well be simple but they're true
Until you give your love
there's nothing more that we can do

Love is the opening door
Love is what we came here for
No-one could offer you more
Do you know what I mean
Have your eyes really seen

You say it's very hard
To leave behind the life we knew
But there's no other way
And now it's really up to you

Love is the key we must turn
Truth is the flame we must burn
Freedom the lesson we must learn
Do you know what I mean?
Have your eyes really seen?

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Lesley Duncan

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Comments from YouTube:

Marianne Osiel

Every single time I hear this song, especially when sung by the songwriter, Lesley Duncan, my heart hurts, in the best way...I can't explain it any better than that.  Clearly, this beautiful woman channeled this from some higher place--one I hope the whole human race will experience before it's too late.  This NEVER gets old to me, and as a critical songwriter, I have to say that that's almost impossible.

Steve Eckersley

Olivia Newton Johns version is a better comparison than Elton John

claude harper

The very same feelings .


Ever wondered why they call them, "heart strings"? I think Lesley knew, and I think you do too, Marianne.

Pat O'Donnell

Different voice, different sound. You should not be trying to compare the two singers.We all know Elton is a legend, but the song sung by the writer, with her beautiful low key voice is incredible.


@Marianne Osiel  You're right it's a wonderfull song. i still love it like on the first day in the 70"s. But i think Elton John sings that better, better and better!

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Morrigan Ravenchild

This is totally beautiful - surely one of the greatest songs ever written - its immortal.


Much more than a love song. A deeply spiritual song.

Dan Waldis

Seems to be about unconditional love.


Oh Leslie, what sort of pain did you have to endure to be given this heaven sent masterpiece? What cost could pay for so rich a gift to give the rest of us? And we can't thank you this side of glory either. Thats OK, we can wait and enjoy all the while. Do you know what I mean?

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