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Fragment II
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Crafty Kuko

I wish there was an hour-long version of this. It's so relaxing and peaceful!

Carlos Sacerio

This image is to surreal, I have seen it in my dreams. Someone please tell me where it is so I can rest upon this area while listening to this song under the tree. Please, I don’t want to die knowing I never got the chance to visit this area.


omg this really touched me i wish i could help you dear

Lady Aspen Dilao

I've just discrovered flod in tiktok and search it up fast. Bae, these pieces are good!

Sriezan Koirala


jessica jardelle

This is so pretty.  Sounds similar to a lot of the stuff on the labels Erased Tapes and Mythical Records.

capricious capricornus

fuck this is amazing, thank you lolina

Lacey Beattie

a masterpiece.

ocha music

love this sooooo much

Nicholas Bustos

this is my solo song:))

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