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by Life Trap

Your life is fucking stale to me
And it's so fucking plain to see
We walk completely separate paths
You're leading to conformity!

But I will never be that way!
I'd rather die than see the day
When all my ideals and aspirations
Have completely drifted away!

Left the meaning so far behind
It was just a matter of time
Just a fad that came and went
And now you're on a sinking ship!

The college life is right for you
Got new friends but they got no clue
Think you're living life but you're so
Far from it none in the air and so above it!
Just another fucking prick
Who didn't really give a shit!
Rode the bandwagon and now it's time to jump!
All the while I saw through your front!

You're nothing! not worth my time
You're nothing! don't need you're kind
You're nothing! so just live your life!
You're nothing! Just live your fucking lie!

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