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Big Thunderstorm Coming and Going
by Lightning Thunder and Rain Storm

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Comments from YouTube:

JB Cake

To whom ever reads this: have pleasant dreams

Madison Faye

U too JB Cake

JB Cake

Lisbeth Ramirez may I ask what is going on here? I can read a little Spanish and even now it doesn’t make sense what is going on I’m so confused help is it a threat!!!? invitation?!?! What does it mean!!!

shelemiah peete

Kyler The Gamer yf hndhjrkrhmyj

Az E

Thx but I'm not here to sleep :p


I'm doing school work right now, but thanks! :D

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Константин Ушков

There is a theory explaining why rain acts so relaxing on people. This all has began at the stone age, big predators didn't hunt during the rain - so people feel safe while it raining and our genetic memory still keeps this association: rain - safety, calm.

Thomas V.

GrizzlyEpics so you’re that type of person huh?

Shark turtel Wonder


David Ferraby

I'm pretty sure Sharks didn't care about rain...... Nor Crocodiles.... Nor Alligators..... Nor Hippos..... So yeah......

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