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Lim Jung Hee Lyrics

We have lyrics for '재' by these artists:

임정희 가슴아 훨훨 타버려라 추억이 다 재가 돼 버리게 사랑아 훨훨 가버려라 슬픔이 다…
임정희 Feat. 방탄소년단 가슴아 훨훨 타버려라 추억이 다 재가 돼 버리게 사랑아 훨훨 가버려라 슬픔이 다…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Lim Jung Hee:

Geh Deh Ji Geum Guedae jigeum naegaseumeh deulohwa sarangeul malhago isscho …
Golden Lady Neo eobsi eotteoke saraganyago babo gateun jilmun mara Naneu…
It Can't Be Real Ige jinjja illi eopsseo Jubyeoneul jjinadeon saramdeul hana…

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Comments from YouTube:

June 13 2013

Namjoon looks so young and awkward and cute sksn but listening to the original song i couldnt even tell that this was from 7 years ago he legit sounds the exact same


Seventeen yr old rapmon, this is a gem, i love him sooo much, im honestly namjoon trash and im obseesed with his swag


Oh my goodness I'm gonna cry 🥺💜 look at him!!
He has grown up so much and became the leader of the biggest boyband in the world..
Omg look how smol he was 😭

Anuj Sharma

How did you find this?

Anuj Sharma



Ok when was someone going to tell me this video existed?! I've known the song since forever but I had no idea this was with fetus BTS or that such a cute video existed!


whoa iron's vocal here was really different than his own songs nowadays


Omg ty for saving this so that more recent armys can peek at BTS' beginnings 💜💜💜 RM is so precious

flymetothemoon taeil

Aww, I'm sad that Jung Hun Chul left. He is such a cutie!

christie kang

@Rajpal Bhatia ohhh he’s iron from smtm I never knew his real name and thought this dude was a different person

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