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John Paul: Junior
Limmy Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Interesting that John Paul, when asking his cousin to describe what station the guy was getting off at, used an enumerated set of whole number integers...and chose a base level of zero as the datum. Limmy must be a software engineer.


He's probably just been making Vst's in Max/MSP to use in Ableton Live

Generic White Male

Gasglow r u from glasssscow?


What a nice boy.

Dzagoev HD

LMFAO ! Amazing.

Jimbo Jones

“‘Member me mate? ...CRESHH!”

Generic White Male

FinkDial666 yass yass we smoke grass


any normal person would use zero as a base lmao the centre of a scale is zero its natural u dont have to be a software engineer


Transcribe audio just blew my mind


Can yous laugh a bit quieter? 🧏‍♂️

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