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Lindsey Buckingham Lyrics

Two, ah-three, ah-four!
Two, ah-three, ah-four!
Two, ah-three, ah-four!

I really should be saying goodnight.
I really shouldn't stay anymore.
It's been so long since I held ya.
I've forgotten what love is for.

I should run on the double
I think I'm in trouble,
I think I'm in trouble.

So come to me darlin' and hold me
Let your honey keep you warm
Been so long since I held ya
I've forgotten what love is for.

I should run on the double
I think I'm in trouble.

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Pure magic. I saw Lindsey perform this Solo at The Arcada in Chicago. Got to meet him personally. Few know that Lindsey got his start playing in his bedroom in California listening to the likes of the Everly Brothers. He's self taught finger picker and is one of the best in a group who includes Leo Kottke and Chet Atkins. He doesn't read music and plays while he records and listens back. He and Stevie met in high school, she a year older than Lindsey. When they finished Buckingham Nicks album, their solo effort before joining Fleetwood Mac, it was not well received, perhaps only in the Southeast USA such as Alabama. Mick Fleetwood heard it, was looking for a guitar player and hired Lindsey . Yes, just Lindsey, but Lindsey being loyal to Stevie told Mick we're a package deal and thus a new Fleetwood Mac was born . Their first album, the eponymous " white album" is still,considered one of their best by many , although the second effort Rumors is still one of the best selling of all time. The third effort, still with Stevie and Lindsey, was Tusk. After Tusk, Lindsey and Stevie started their solo efforts and Trouble was born of that. This song is ironic considering that Lindsey B is currently suing the band because they cut him from their latest tour. Noteworthy too, every time Lindsey is not present with the band on tour , it takes two guitar players to replace him. He's that good. I guess they told him to " Go your own way."

María de Fátima Salazar Pizarro


Carla Tackkett

[email protected]#$>58^#'

Ricardo Leal Barrantes

Uuuyy super,

Jerry Paredes


André Houle


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Sônia São Pedro

2021, alguém escutando essa linda música!!?

(Solo Para a Mi)


Weider Silva

Bom dia, São exatamente 7:24hs do dia 28.05.2021 estou ouvindo essa perola, esse diamante musical muito bem lapidado das décadas de 80´s.


Esta música es mágica 💋

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