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Lindsey Stirling Lyrics


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Stefany Nieto

“Your skin is not paper, so don’t cut it”

“Your neck is not a coat, so don’t hang it”

“Your Height is not a book, so don’t judge it”

"Your Weight is not a book, so don't judge it"

"Your Heart is not a door, so don't lock it

“Your life is not a movie, so don’t end it”

"Tu piel no es de papel, así que no la cortes"

"Tu cuello no es un abrigo, así que no lo cuelgues"

"Tu altura no es un libro, así que no lo juzgues"

"Tu peso no es un libro, así que no lo juzgues"

"Tu corazón no es una puerta, así que no la cierres

"Tu vida no es una película, así que no la termines"

objetivo ayudar en donde sea a quien necesite este mensaje

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Tommy Cooper

Who's listening this masterpiece at mid night of 2021

Necky Nelly

Um... It's 3:08am 😬

Zaxin Nighthowler





Same :)


It's not a masterpiece

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brooklyn hamler

This music has made it possible for my adhd mind to read and not get distracted. Somehow. But it makes sense. This music just soaks you in so much that the outside world just suddenly, disappears.

Steven Westell

I know exactly what you mean, same here

Marcos Sanchez

This song always remember me to Bariloche city, in Argentina.


Después de 8 años vuelvo a ver este videoclip, a revisar si hay gente que viene desde Marbella Vice...
Y no me he decepcionado xd
Viva Lindsey, vivan los Gambino y viva el kerule me cag0 en la 0stia!1!11

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