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Lineage 2 Lyrics

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The Buggles Tell me how we’ve come so far, Dion I see it…

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Year's and Year's gone by... I finished school, I found a job, I found a girlfriend, I bought a house, I started a family and still I find a time to come back to play this amazing game, and listen to this amazing song from the most beautiful town in the game.

I have so many memories from this world. I met so many peoples, so many names, so many stories...
A lot of friends and even some enemies. So many Fight's for castles, raids or just simple monsters to get my Blue Wolf Helmet Recipe.

Those millions and millions of soul shots burned down. Those numbers of deaths ... Those rages with failed enchant...

Yes these are the memories that I hold dear because this game had the most amazing community that I ever felt in MMORPG

LINEAGE 2 - The GAME that will be never forgotten!

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Ну нахуя я нажал на это видео. Аж слёзы на глаза =\


Same for me bro. Same for me....



Шелест Сергей

Ностальгия блин) эх... были времена)


@That_ Subscriber чел ты как там ? живой ? как дела сейчас

If True Do - кодинг для всех

сижу рыдаю

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Some things in our lives, came in the exact time, at the right moment, with the exact age.... for us guys, there will never be a game that give us the magic that L2 gave to us, the first chronicles, with the low bandwidth connections, with the beginnings of the internet games seeing the light, the open world, the dragons, the fantasy, the magic, killing wolves for about 12 adenas, trying to buy and see the next sword, too much to discover. make friends, get troubles. Today new gamers will never know what this is... they grow up with steam with ps4 with cry-engine over-blasting graphics and giants ips monitors for playing some boring shit. Guys. We were at the right time, with the right age, with the right people. Those things, will never come back. And was absolutely fantastic.

Rafael Lemos

Man, what a comment!


You are the voice of a nation.


@Vivid Vision back then you was just dumped into game, had a bit tutorial, and after that, you was exploring the world on your own, no stupid hints, tutorials every meter to hold your hand, if you wanted to do profesion quest, you had to use forums how to beat it and do step by step, nowadays most games hold your hand to much, you barely need to figure stuff out yourself how to to stuff as you have always arrow pointing where to go, also we had more patience, from grinding same mobs, to selling items for long hours.

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