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Rude Boy Rock
Lionrock Lyrics

Well sit children let me give you the subject of the day
This is a new skank get ready

People Wake Up!

Contributed by Ryan F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Haven’t heard this tune in about 20 years. Woke up with it in my head this morning!


@Ádám Holler iv been looking for about 20 years ever since my brother got rid of his copy

Ádám Holler

I've searched that about 22 years long, and finally found that today..! Just because it was going on in the radio, FM4 Austria.. 😉🙂😁😎

M &M

Me too, just now..


Aaah, Summer 98. Great music, free living, partying hard, sleeping around. God, it was great being in my 20's.  sheds a nostalgic tear


I was 9 but loved my childhood playing in the park


I was only 16 but I hear ya!

Noemi herrera

I know right? I miss those days. Lots of party's love and sex..


this tune is so underrated, what a shame. it sounds so good


It's Awesome ! I heard it in radio yesterday, during my car trip. It was perfect road with groove and funk :D

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