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Universe Inside Me
Liquid Soul Lyrics

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Vini Vici & Liquid Soul We offer the cryonic union Of science and entertainment I ha…

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Love in Stereo Stone love, she kneels before the grave A brave son, who…
Preview Mmh, ohh ohh, Alright, yeah yeah, mhhh Yeahh, ohhhh Say you …

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Comments from YouTube:

Vini Vici

Hope you enjoy it :) feel free to subscribe our Vini Vici Channel


I found this track totally by accident and discovered that I already knew it off by heart!
So I search my rather large mp3 collection and found it buried in there within 516 folders & just under 18,000 tracks.
Used to use SAM Broadcaster back when I was an internet DJ on some IRC channels to manage it all.

Lucila Alcántara cortina

WOW this beautiful brunette has brought me here, thank you wherever you are😃, I LOVE THIS KIND OF SOUND THANK YOU 👍😃😀

Randy spencer

If you like what you “hear” try to clear your mind and Absorb the music to reach the next level and you don’t have to be intoxicated or high to experience the calmness and peace.


@Pelopepo He's bloviating, don't worry about it. It's good advice to relax though. Also listening to it in different moods will allow you to experience different things. There's most assuredly not 1 right way to enjoy music.

Kurt Keutel

@Pelopepo !<3

Lorenzo Suzuki

I feel shivers listening with closed eyes and empty mind

Randy spencer

@Pelopepo if you don’t get it then you haven’t learned how to block everything else out of your mind yet.


Pls elaborate I don’t get how to do it

Kevin Rosswell

I'm emotionally broken , but when listen to this music , I feel so alive , like I'm one with the universe again .

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