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Acid Rain
Liquid Tension Experiment Lyrics


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Darryl October

From 3:45 to 6:15 Petrucci hits more notes than I've ever played in my entire 20 years of playing the guitar

souzan (legend)


Akın kavukoglu

Maybe he use every note on guitar for 100 times or something.

John Epps

@Falb yeah, this is one of the rare times Petrucci just straight Improvised straight shred for shreds sake.

Marie Loiseau

@Falb  I don't know about trash, but it didn't sound inspiring, if that's your thing. Then again, 99% of professional guitar solos don't sound inspiring. They either sound too melodic, too atonal, simply too dull or boring.

There are no such things as too fast or too slow, if the end result sounds good. For instance, the thing he plays at 5:27 is almost completely atonal and processed. It wasn't Bach level musical, but I would argue the resulting effect sounded cool. Sure, it was cliché and amelodic, but the rhythm was en pointe and the noisy effect gave a sense of urgency and drama, so it was good. Top 20% good. Not top 1% awe-inspiringly inspirational, but good. Better than >80% of the other crap.

Similarly, some people would say a guitar solo is boring if all the guitarist does is play one note and perhaps subtly articulate it for a whole minute. I say who cares if the end result is good. It can be your 2 year old brother who played that guitar solo by accident on a rubber band attached to a chair for all I care. If it sounds good, it sounds good. Into the playlist of good guitar solos it goes.

To be fair, personally, I would say everything below the top ~15% or whatever of guitar solos is unlistenable. But Petrucci's expressive shredding just about goes because of the context, which of course he himself was aware of. Preferences, preferences...


Holy crap I never seen Petrucci play that fast! Im a big DT fan but clearly never gave LTE a good listen

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Hans Kopf

I love how rudess tries to establish keyboard as a badass heavy metal instrument by putting it on a spinnable stand and walking in circles

John Zwengel

Rudess tries to establish keyboard as a badass heavy metal instrument by playing it like a heavy metal badass. FTFY

Mayank Sharma

@JuanK Gonzalez any recommendation by a profile with larks tongue as the display picture is extremely valid and can be quoted as fact


@JuanK Gonzalez I'll one-up you with ex-Haken member Peter who actually plays a guitar horizontally :D

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