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Acid Rain
Liquid Tension Experiment Lyrics


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how the fuck is it possible that the live version is even better than the studio version? these guys are aliens, and freaky ones too


You answered your own question, it is LIVE!


Ostanato is Just repetition.

Sheldon Cooper81

@Mezzy Mez
No i meant the Instruments and the Amps not Smartphones

Mezzy Mez

@Sheldon Cooper81 Yeah the creation of smartphones made Portnoy play better that day, that's exactly it!

Sheldon Cooper81

The Technological Advancements that happend between 1999 to August 2009.

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Gabriel Nardin Music

Look at Mike in 6:11 hitting the pad to his right, which apparently doesn´t produce any sound. That is his call to end the improvised solo section and head towards the next riff section of the song. When he hits that, the rest of the musicians hear a percussive signal in their in-ear monitors so they don`t need to be looking at the drummer all the time to know when the solo should end. If you pay attention closely, he uses the same type of pad in 0:14 (this time in his left) to count 4 and allow he and John start at the same time without having to use 4 stick hits or 4 hi hat notes heard outside by the people. He used this stuff too when DT played Metropolis live in that part when lights went out producing a silence that apparently wasn`t counted along with a click track or anything like that. That mixture of a heavy amount of improvised stuff but yet being held inside a really controlled environment instead of your typical free jazz band wankery where everyone does whatever they want whitout a defined direction, has been for me the most clear and cool defining element of this amazing band. They jammed a lot, but not to the point of getting you bored. And besides that jamming, they had songs with motifs and arrangementes composed in the studio and studied later, even if they were produced in a short amount of time like LTE 1. I am not sure if I really want them to make another album if the honest musical chemistry between them is not really back after the differences Mike had with Jordan and John, but I am surely thankful to them for making this great music that I still listen after so many years.

Gabriel Nardin Music

@Sniggudnhoj Of course you can hear it, that is the sound if Mike´s stick hitting the pad I am talking about getting inside the drum mics that are so close to it and since the rest of the stage is silent when he hits that, the little "muted wood block" sound of the pads bleed into those mics, granted the crowd was silent too and therfore it was perceptible. The percussive signal that the rest of the musicians hear when that pad is hit is way louder than the little sound you mention. As other user in this comment thread has mentioned, Portnoy has talked about how this system and performance works in a couple of interviews.


I beg to differ, you can hear the count in cue. It sounds like a muted wood block. As for the end of the "improvised" section, these things are gone over and over in rehearsals. The specific notes may change from night to night but the measures cannot.


What an absolute unit to notice that. Good on you, my dude.

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