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Shipping Song
Lisa Knapp Lyrics

Rockall, Faeroes, Tyne
Fair Isle, Cromarty, Forth
South Utsire, North Utsire, Viking, Sole
Bailey, Malin, Shannon, Irish Sea
FitzRoy, Trafalgar, Forties
Plymouth, Lundy, Fastnet
German Bight, Portland, Wight

Oh waters that cradle
This strange salty fable
Running through our fins
From blue to silver to green
Down force ten northern winds
And severally returns
Spit words yet to be thought
By tongues yet to be seen
And deeds yet to be wrought
By brains yet to be born
From [?]

Dogger, Fisher
Dover, Thames
Southeast Iceland

Writer(s): Gerry Diver

Contributed by Sarah E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Hey, amazing that someone has created a song of the shipping forecast. Nostalgia, warm, safe, and a lovely song 🤗

terry platt

If you like this, go to the BBC Radio 4 website, and listen to the programme just aired today, Thursday 23rd April, at 11.30am, called Shipping Songs, which was presented by Lisa. It should be up on the website for the next month.

Lynne CeeGee

@terry platt I listened today and have posted to all friends on FB. This incantation mesmerised and soothed me as a child and still enchants me today. Though I always wonder why 'Dogger, Fisher, German Bight" are the ones which stick in the memory so strongly.

terry platt

Update, Friday 15th May: this programme is being repeated on Radio 4 on Sunday 17th May at 1330 - so it'll be reposted on the iPlayer for a further month.

Rupert D. Bayer

I wrote to Lisa on Twitter praising the song and was honoured to get a personal reply! :-)


excellent song. Heard this live a few years ago on BBC6 - that version was a bit faster and a bit less 'esoteric' but still hauntingly different.

Utu Lautturi

Simply one of THE most amazing tracks from a phenomenal album. More precious than gold, these emotional landscapes.

Plein-air Colour Light

Beautiful. Type o' stuff 2 make an expat homesick

Fought a Pidgeon

I found this looking for more shipping songs. I guess I got what I wanted? This is pretty, so i'm good.

Simon Cooper

Beautiful! An ode to a constant love of mine - Radio4.
And best of all, no radios were harmed in the making of this video (I hope she threw it back in?)

Lisa - Thank you for making this track, it's joyous!

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