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Circle Of Joy
Lisa Lynne Lyrics

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Lisa Lynne

Glad you all like my tune!


It is amazing it is ballet song this year good job

Hermes Antaries

I just adore you music! I've bought several of your CDs and they bring me a quiet, uplifting joy that is difficult to explain. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with the world Lisa!

Daniel Oberloh

One of my favorite tuns to listen to when crossing Puget Sound with my wife at night on the Winter Solstice. Thank you for such a beautiful and memorable work of art.

Cecilia Freeburn

I heard this on Spotify and instantly fell in love with the tune. This song is perfect, so lovely and wholesome. Thank you for this fantastic composition.


It's on our 2004 Christmas Mix CD, the best tracks curated by us each year and sent out to our friends and relatives. More, please!

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How is it possible this song doesn't have millions of views? wtf

Constantin Cristian Paunescu

Because people have forgotten what is beautifull.

Дмитрий Акимов

Очень просто. МИР МЕНЯЕТСЯ!!!

Lars Nobel


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