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Haunted Heart
Little Hurricane Lyrics

I’ll be your thief in the night so I can steal you. I’ll be your church where you pray so I can heal you. I’ll be your lover where you lay so I can feel you. I’ll be your sunlight in your day so I can see you

You’ll be my life, when I am dead. I’ll be your calm, in the storm ahead

You’ll be the beat in my heart, when there is none. You’ll be the air in my lungs, when my breath is done. You’ll be the tears I can't cry, when I’m weeping. You’re my only reason to keep from sleeping

You’ll be my life, when I am dead. I’ll be you’re calm, in the storm ahead. Tell my woman that I try to stay close still by her side.

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Comments from YouTube:

AlyTheWhale Queen

IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO FIND THIS SONG! Once I heard it on Gossip Girl I was like on a hunt😹

Jesús Rogelio Andres Lugo Sanchez

I heard it on Gossip Girl too! ❤️

Cynthia Isako

AlyTheWhale Queen That's exactly why I downloaded shazam:p. I also heard it on gossip girl. I've watched all seasons like 200 times. I'm hooked :p

Ricardo Ramirez

i love this song

joe momma

I heard this song in the background of a taco bell commercial... I spent an hour trying to find it and god damn its amazing.


His voice <3

Raven McChesney

I remember when this video only had a couple hundred views! Lovvvveee this band!

Barrazine Barra da Tijuca

Excelent! Perfect!

Noam Shukrun

love it! thanks gossip girlll ;)



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