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The Novel Sound
by Llorca

Though we are told to mourn it,
We must know that it was a novel sound.
As we gather here to mourn the passing of this novel sound,
We should take the pains to remember something.
There are some of us,
Who do not accept the dreams of dragons as their own,
No matter how grand those dragons might say they are.
Yes there are some, who refuse to drop the candle,
Even when pushed into a dark cave and locked there behind a stone.
There is, you must recall, the kind of serious study,
That will give you confidence to strike you match to the mighty wick,
Which will illuminate yet another portion of the darkness.

You must be willing to accept that the pain,
Is a part of the process of revelation.
You must be willing to take the field and stay on the field,
The way duke stayed on the road.

Out there somewhere, are the kind of people,
Who do not accept the premature autopsy of a novel art form.
These are the ones who follow in the footsteps of the gifted,
And the disciplined who have been hurt but not discouraged.
Who have been frightened,
But who have not forgotten how to be brave.
Who revel in the company of their friends and sweethearts,
But who are willing to face the loneliness that is demanded of masters.

Contributed by Vivian V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.