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Red Sonja
Loose Shus Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


anoraak and college have been two of my favortie artist for about 5 years there music is some of the best ive ever herd and now im adding loose shus to that list there amazing and correct me if im wrong but valerie i thought was one girl composer that took all there stuff and put it together i could be wrong but i want to know where to buy valerie cd's if anyone knows please tel me where

Ciarán Byrne

loose shus is hands down one of the best producers around at the moment. his ability to capture time periods through choice samples and synths is second to none. his hooks are solid gold. check out 'sky motel' on his page. amazing.

matthew mctighe

this is awesome. it uses 80's sounds, but they didn't sound quite this cool back then.


i think that's a fair assesement. I'm Loose Shus, I made this track 4 years ago, I still like the melody and harmony, rhythm and bass got to go, I think that's your point. Maybe I'll redo those parts and repost. Back then also the bpms were waay to high, and we crammed too much into tracks, but I still love all this stuff, long live russ chimes!


Man, this is solid GOLD!


Man I should've followed Valerie Records more, can't believe I hadn't heard of this guy.


Yeah, thanks I'll check it out. This song is actually my ringtone right now and has been that way since I posted this video.


If you ever needed an excuse to jump in the car and drive into the sunset...this would be it. I've just bought the CD off eBay. You can still buy this new from a chap in Australia....very limited numbers available now. Grab it whilst you can.


I'd have to disagree. The break at 0:56 is nice, I do admit the intro is much better, but this track is not bad at all. Could use some louder kicks and a snare that doesn't quite resonate so much.


@buddner you're right "sky motel" is on FIRE its so good.

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