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Carnival Proclamation
Lord Melody Lyrics

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Belmont Jackass Man, you married a tramp and you cable me to…
Booboo Man (I wonder why nobody don't like me, Or is it the…
Booboo Man (Mama, Look at Bubu) (I wonder why nobody don't like me, Or is it the…
Cowboy Sparrow Sparrow you shouldn't use a gun You coulda fight him man…
Creature From The Black Lagoon I takin' a plastic surgery The people say that I ugly I…
Wait For Me Darling kiss me Before you go to jail Darling I will sign…

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Comments from YouTube:


This is epic. The avalanches sample it on a ton of mixes one of them being "Soca! Sirens! Brains!"


Okay, this is epic


linglingjr their best sets ever!


GRJ . Thanks for another Classic. This has to be from late 50s' or early 60s'. Any idea of the exact year for I can remember as kids we used to sing this and especially the part with the Red Indian Chant. Melo was indeed a Master of Calypso. Thanks.

Sanch Electronix Limited

Calypsonian Lord Melody sings Carnival ‘Proclamation’, track 13 on Smithsonian Folkways ‘Calypso Awakening’ SFWCD 40453, an excerpt from ‘The Emory Cook Collection 1956-1962’ recorded on location in Trinidad. This engineering guru (1913-2002) laid down the infrastructure for preservation and archiving of calypso, pan other folklore through the Caribbean.


I believe this Lord Melody "Carnival Proclamation" track was originally recorded by him for Cook records in September 1958 and featured as one of the tracks on Melody's album called "Lord Melody Sings Calypso". This version from the "Calypso Awakening" CD album was taken from the original "Lord Melody Sings Calypso" vinyl album from 1958.


GRJ. I found out that this was recorded in 1958 . I wonder if the Red Indians still have these chants on Carnival Days and I would also like to know what it means in English. Thanks.


Interesting fact is that Melody borrowed quite a few lines from Mighty Zebra's minor calypso "Carnival Proclamation" from around 1952. And as far as the "mama-rook-ama-cuba-nik-mi-bo" part goes, it seems just to be gibberish, faux-Indian chanting.