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A Party for Santa Claus
Lord Nelson Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Mark Marshall

One of my favorite Xmas songs... thought I'd add the lyrics here, 'cause they're awesome:

Christmas time is the time for giving
we learned that from since we're small

But from year to year it's the same old thing
Santa's coming to call

We always ignore it or forget it
This we know it's true

So this coming Christmas
let's all make an effort
get a present for Santa too

Let's trade in the old sleigh and the reindeer
For a big car with a chauffeur
Get a helicopter
everybody loves dear old Santa Claus

Christmas is here and we're all having fun
Santa brought presents for everyone
But he had to squeeze through a chimney
Poor Nicholas
What a horrible place to pass

Why not open your window
Or your front door
So Santa could bring his gifts?

I find that climbing on a rooftop
and coming through a chimney's
a whole lot of stupidness

Move him from the North Pole
'cause it's so cold
give him an apartment with modern equipment
A maid, a butler...he deserve
let us show our love for dear Santa Claus

Everybody's drinking beer, whiskey and rum
Poor Santa ain't getting none

And it's jingle bells, jingle bells
Dear old Santa Claus
Wearing the same old red clothes

We should be ashamed
we should be blamed
we treat Santa Claus like a brute
so let's chip in some dollars
Take him to the tailor's
for a new Continental Suit

Take him out to a nightclub
or a movie
get some fine chicks and give a party

It's time to chip in and do our share
To make sure he comes MORE than once a year.

Steve Callender

just love this song

Steve Callender

just love this song

Devere Gambet

Classic Nello - with creativity at it's best via calypso, truly among the best !


Fun song, and funny. Perfect for the holidays.

xXWafflzXx Boy



Awesome Trinidad Music #Nelo #LordNelson #RobertNelson Trini Christmas Is The Best



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