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Make No Protest
by Lori Chaffer

make no protest as you go
for every soul must pay its dues
this is the kingdom they talk about
they talk about and fight for
and for which they die

you'll not be gone from them for long
but you'll forget their names and maybe mine
we'll stand in the sunrise and the sunsets and the moon light to remind you

please don't look at me that way
you know i hate to shatter the
innocence i've made
the innocence i've made

some are already there who feel like you
i understand, cause i've lived there too
some ignore, some defy, some are confused
and others decide to return their own way
how lonely

i'll be standing by you still
though while you're there you might not feel it
is there any persuasion that i can use
that i can use that i can use
to convince you

please don't look at me that way
you will never be all by yourself
all by yourself
and you will never be the same
you will never be the same...

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