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Smashing Pumpkins / Eye
Lost Highway Soundtrack Lyrics

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I lie I wait I stop I hesitate I am.
I see I melt I think of me.
Is it any wonder I can't sleep.
All I have is all you gave to me.
IS it any wonder I found peace.
Through you.

Turn to the gates of heaven turn myself around(around).
Turn away from I.
Its not enough.
Just a touch. It's not enough.
I taste.

I Love I can I bleed I love
I hate I'm now I was I want too much
Is it any wonder I can't sleep, all
Have is all yo gave to me is it any wonder I found peace.

Through you.…

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Jacob Stinnett

THIS is my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song! 👏💗😭

Bobby Digital

@Kari they have been touring and releasing new music for a bit now with most of the original lineup. You should check it out.


Iys always been my favorite of theirs. And I have always been a huge Pumpkin fan. This song is just so gritty, dark, haunting, and almost sexy. I fkn love it.

Kristoforum Kolumbus

It's good, but it has better ones.

Robin Schofill

@degenerator666 and the middle.

Robin Schofill

They're all good!!! This one is exceptional.... Is this a Remix?

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Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

Although essentially just a Corgan vocal track with drum machine and synthesizer as accompaniment, this is my favorite SM song.

Brix Mas

@Nugie Splashing Blumpkins


John Donahoe wrong, they kicked out the drummer for an album after mcis, but got him back and then the bassist left during machina and then they broke up


As a huge NIN and SP fan this track is one of my favorites.

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