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West Side Lane
Lost Years Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Lost Years:

I Am so John Stamos All the lights in Chicago burned out brightly in my…
I've Lost My Marbles I wanna break my fucking teeth on the concrete where You…
I've Still Got a Soul Left to Lose I've got a bullet and a bottle underneath my Floor boards,…
Last Call You used to drive your old mustang around town, Down…
Park Avenue 1989 This wall will fall Beliefs become reality Across Europe thi…
Ramblin' Bones I spend most of my nights drinkin' all my problems…
The American Dream Is Dead The sleepless nights are killing me and I'm haunted in…
Traditions I drank through my paychecks, got so many regrets And I…

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Comments from YouTube:

Device Factor

probably, by far the best artist in this genre. unlike allot of the others, he's passionate enough about the 80s to use all the original hardware

zeit geist

I did not know that. Tell us some more...

Squall Leonheart

Can you elaborate a little. What kind of hardware mean?

Fahad Bin Islam

This song literally has the power to hack time back to the 80s!


massive amounts of storage, probably in the tens of megabytes.

Steve Banning

@mistofigo 64k is enough man lets not get too crazy

Maverick Nathaniel

@Micah Jameson yea, I've been using InstaFlixxer for years myself =)


Number 1 coding tutorial on the internet

shay levi


11 More Replies...

Felipe Augusto Kruger

The film is more 80s than the  80s it's self

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