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Lost in Translation Lyrics

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Okay this will be a lot.

So you bill sleeping the car. All the while the music is playing which is quite slow and peaceful. He wakes up looks around and rubs his eyes as if to make sure he is awake. Very much like when we awake from sleeping.

Adversely... at the end of the film.

Bill is in back in the car. We see a 1st person view all the while music is playing in the background which is still peaceful. But then slowly fades to black. Very much like when we go to sleep.

My point is when bill is waking up, he is waking up into a dream. When he falls asleep in the car and his dreams are reality. Going back to LA with his wife and his children. Wondering if what happened in Japan was more than a dream. Their future left in ambiguity.

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I could watch this movie every minute for the rest of my life

Marcos Hernández García

Me too. This movie is brilliant. It make me feel in peace.☮️

paper chasin dude

Same here


That is the correct answer.

B wayne

I literally watch it like 2 to 3 times a wk. Its my feel good flick 😁


i arrived in tokyo at 4 pm and purposely waited till sundown to head into the city so i could pretend i was bill murray arriving in tokyo looking at all the lights everywhere .. and my god it was beautiful! ... i was in japan for 19 days .. greatest adventure i ever went on in my life .. going back in august of next year

Harold Berserker

I guess u didn’t go


Glad Im not the only silly one who wanted that movie feeling LOL I remember choosing to stay in Shinjuku area and arriving at night...because I want to get typical "arriving at Tokyo" movie feel haha


@travgpeters1 .... good to hear your story... i´m chansing after this to. sad to hear is the story about the german guy... i´m german too and i feel sorry for you to had this bad experience with another german guy. i´m saving up money ... since 5 years. i wanted to travel in 2020 but then the olympics were about to happen this year.. they postponed the olympics and coronaoutbreak come together so i delayed my trip to 2022. May to be correct. i hope i can make it.


@Samuel Pérez García first trip was fucking awesome in 2018 .. 2nd trip in October of 2019 was not as good as the first one but still fun . 2nd trip i ran into alot of proplem's this time around due to the weather . 2 typhoons hit while i was on my 2nd trip which really complicated things and also i think i drank too much booze as well haha ..i dont even remember some nights of my trip due to excess of partying but oh well at least i slept with a Japanese women in Kyoto haha and also got into a fight with a guy from Germany that was being rude to some Japanese people in a bar and there was also an incident where i took the wrong train when i was completely pissed drunk and ended up in Matsue CIty . i was like how in the heck did i end up way in the northern western part of japan haha it was a crazy adventure . and sadly this year is a no go for me due to Covid-19

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