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The Blackleg Miners
by Louis Killen

Oh, early in the evenin', just after dark
The blackleg miners creep te wark
Wi' their moleskin trousers an' dorty short
There go the backleg miners
They take their picks an' doon they go
Te dig the coal that lies belaw
An' there's not a woman in this toon-aw*
Will look at a blackleg miner
Oh, Delaval is a terrible place
They rub wet clay in a blackleg's face
An' roond the pit-heaps they run a foot
Wi' the dorty blackleg miners
Now, don't go near the Seghill mine
Across the way they stretch a line
Te catch the throat an' break the spine
O' the dorty backleg miners
They'll take your tools an' duds as well
An' hoy them doon the pit o' hell
It's doon ye go, an' fare ye well
Ye dorty blackleg miners
Se join the union while ye may
Don't wait till your dyin' day
For that may not be far away
Ye dorty blackleg miners
*toon-raw = town-row

Contributed by Benjamin K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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coming from delaval and being an x-mier this song means so much, especially after 84-85. scabs on my list get crossed off as they die ..


Yes and the Care workers burger flippers van drivers shop workers nurses etc are all looking after us. The Bankers and the CEO'S Politicians etc are all Cabin up at home.


@Em Jackson Yes but Stalin and the former soviet bloc = A brutal regime of State Capitalism Not Socialism/Communism.


@Michael Anderson Sadly it is the dog eat dog rat race of global capitalism which kills many human spirits.

Michael Anderson

@majorMcpharter FUCK Communism. Fuck anyone who would kill the human spirit by making burger flippers earn as much as immunologists.


Let us all help to speed the day when this wonderful earth and its rich resources are held in common for the benefit of all humanity. One race the Human Race. Fraternally yours for the abolition of the wages system.

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Gatto Nero

RIP Louisa Jo Killen.

Jane Roth

I like the clarity of this version.

ToG Deri

There are still a few left but getting less by the day................

Chris` McDermott

Divint be downbeat

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