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Pennies from Heaven
Louis Prima Lyrics

And every time it rains, it rains, pennies from heaven (shoob doobie)
Don't you know each cloud contains pennies from heaven (shoob doobie)
You'll find your fortune fallin' all over the town
Be sure that your umbrella is upside down

Trade them for a package of sunshine and ravioli (macaroni)
If you want the thing you love, you must have pizzaoli baby
And, when you hear it thunder, don't run under a tree
There'll be pennies from heaven for you and me

And every time it rains it rains
And don't you know each cloud contains
Every time it rains, it rains
And don't you know each cloud contains
You find your fortune falling
All over town, all over town, all over town
Be sure that your umbrella
Is upside down twiddily bop

A ha ba hozzie white
Eagle eye la homba lee
Zombalomba zompolot
Old wodilly boy oh
Ah bobba hoy boy
Oh boy a hoy boy
Toddaly whoa, ooh
I knew I'd get ya
I knew I'd get ya
Let's go, let's go

And you'll find your fortune
Falling all over town
In pennies from heaven
Pennies from heaven
The pennies from heaven
For you and me

Written by: Arthur Johnston, Johnny Burke

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Comments from YouTube:

Norah Ness

You did it! Congratulations! "World's Best Cup of Coffee"! Great job, everybody! It's great to meet you.


Finish the line: “trade them for a package of sunshine and...?”
Sinatra: Flowers
Prima: R A V I O L I (macaroni)

Stacca Gene

Ive always preferred this version to the frank Sinatra version, the fast and unpredictable nature of this version better suites the song


It does! Sounds like it was meant to be Fun, Hyper, and nice xD


Stacca Gene same

Stacca Gene

MediaMaster 263 fair fair I get you

Ansa Pectoralis

Stacca Gene Agreed!


Elf. An amazing Christmas classic


Eminem: Mom's spaghetti
Louis Prima: MACARONI

John Harrington

Only Louis Prima could take a sweet, wistful tune like Pennies from Heaven and turn it into this. Prima was a madman.

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