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To Satellite
Lower Definition Lyrics

Excuse me darling!
For breathing my own air
Excuse me baby, but are you even there?

You threw your arms around my shoulders.
In hopes of pulling us much closer
But there's static in my ear
Saying that you're not real.

What were you hoping for?
When you just close the door.

You've got your fingers around my neck.
And I struggle to breathe
But all the while you'd rather watch me choke
Then see me with a naked throat.

I never thought you were worth waiting for.

We've come so far for this.
And all things missed left behind to build this.
This is distance.

Push and pull, dig into the skull.
This life doesn't wait, push and pull.
With so much electricity flowing through this wrist.

The sparks fly right off my lips.
Imploding every existence. For this.
This is distance. This is distance.

Wandering aimlessly into the wrist.
You have to give up for this.

This is reality.
There's always cables on the way
To satellite. To satellite.
Wandering aimlessly into the wrist.

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Comments from YouTube:

Cosmic Parallels

This band was the best, still listening in 2017

Pat W

@xXxeuthanasiaxXx here we is





Justin Gum

dude band is so fucking awesome man they were too good for their time and nobody realized it or they didn't get the exposure they needed


I saw them live on their reunion tower years ago before they split again, they had lost their drummer at that time of of mice & men. I met the vocalist randomly sitting with one of the members of Sky eats airplane, that band was apparently a big deal too, but I wasn't into them and that member forgot his name was acting like "oh you don't recognize me lol. Anway this guy was the coolest dude I ever met out of all the bands I've met, being a musician myself I've met a slew of band members my list would go on neverending, but point is that they were absolutely way ahead of their time, just like a few other bands that I listened to in my past, but that's how it goes sometimes, you sometimes lose out when you're too ahead of your time. Unfortunately with folks the timing always has to be right when trying to hammer it out of the park with the masses.


+justin gum both, prly more things also. i remember when they got signed, all i could think was how unfortunate it wasn't to rise, because at that point, rise would have been the people to get them the exposure they were looking for at that point in time. but.. what do we do.

Elber M. Rock

This album will never get out of my phone player!!
The best post-hardcore band ever existed!
Matt Geise was a MONSTER on vocals!


@crazytoledo Don't get me wrong, Daryl is one of my favorite and most influential singers too. Glassjaw has been one of my all time favorite bands since I discovered them in high school on Napster. I think Matt does a great job on this album and sounds awesome, but he does sound like he's straight up ripping off a style that stood out for being outrageous and unique, so I can't not think Daryl when I hear it.

To pull it off so well, I would guess Matt is a very capable singer, so I would personally prefer to hear a good singer who finds their own voice as opposed to falling back to one we all know and love, but is known for being weird. Again, none of this is to hate. I have a total soft spot for anything that reminds me of Daryl, too.


@dreaminginnoother You say that like it's a bad thing. Glassjaw was fantastic and having someone sound like Daryl back in the Myspace days instead of singing super high like every other band was definitely a positive

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