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Lowercase Noises Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Orion's Falling Music

This was the first song I played to my newborn son. It was a beautiful moment. Me and the wife cried


Oh how the Lord has blessed you with the gift of heavenly music.  Purely divine sir.  You are the essence of genius.

Buddy Shoe

I think this may be the first time that I've ever heard a banjo when it actually sounds nice


+Lumichett because he needs Jesus


+DrPepper776 why are you so angry


@Triskanivious lord didn't do shit, he got off his ass and made his brain work. god doesn't exist you religous fuck

Anthony Levity

The change at 1:40 is too much to handle.

hugo hernand

wow, i am so happy that there are other people around the world feeling the same divine musical feeling, thats so good Andy, never stop!

Kyle Robinson

agreed mate hes amazing

Rivers SMP Official

This music is more than just a beat with instruments. But it speaks to you.

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