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Presque Rien Avec Filles
Luc Ferrari Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Bo Nurse

I have this image in my head when listening to this. It's like a super dark, almost pitch black landscape with mountains in the distance. Every few seconds, lightning flashes behind the mountains and a silhouette is standing a couple yards in front of me and I can barely make it out but it seems to be walking towards me slowly. I can't stop thinking about this idea. I want to make a movie with this as a scene so bad.

Grant Centauri

do it! :)

Markus Breuss

äußerst wundervoll !

Steven Streight

Luc Ferrari is in my top 7 favorite composers. Anecdotal Music (recordings of sounds in the street and other non-musical arenas) requires a special skill to enjoy, not for everybody. He has done so many different types of music, all interesting to me, some thrilling, almost techno at times. Complete Film Music, a set of 3 CDs, is incredible, especially "Cyclotron". THANKS for uploading this!

Simon the Delusional

One of my cats loved this song.

Steven Streight

It is so robust, so Anti Music, so natural, so real, Sir Eel.

Didier Schein

Because of the birds. I guess.

Amanda Gutierrez

Mine too!!




<3 .

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