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Nuvole Bianche
Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics


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Winnie Wong

About a year ago, I remember coming across a video where someone was playing this piece. I remember thinking to myself when I heard it the 1st time...that I really wanted to learn it because I absolutely loved it. I feel like there's so many emotions in this piece and it's so unique because each person may have a different experience. For me, I hear sadness, darkness, loss, loneliness, struggles...but also I hear hope, that things will turn out okay.

At the time, I signed up for piano classes and was just starting my piano journey. For those of you out there who consider yourselves a beginner and want to learn this piece, but feel intimidated, I've been there. My online lessons went on for about a year before I decided to learn Nuvole Bianche.

I am so grateful to Rousseau for making this video. I used this to learn and I broke it up into small sections. When I first learn a section, I like to play it at 0.25x. I learn either the left hand or the right hand first and when I can play that section hands separately, I work on putting both hands together. I definitely got frustrated when my hands did not work together. BUT! Trust me, your hands will get it down the more you practice. It will start to click as you keep practicing. It will help to play slowly at first. Also! One great thing is that the left hand repeats the same notes, but plays a different pattern. This makes it a LOT easier as a whole, so don't let all the notes scare you.

I tracked my progress in my journal and wrote down the date I practiced, the amount of time, and what part I worked on. It took about 20 hours in a span of a month to learn the whole piece. I mean this as being able to play the piece from muscle memory, but I have a lot to improve on. For example, though I tried recording from beginning to end, I couldn't. I would make mistakes and things like that. So by 20 hours over a span of a month, I mean to say I learned all the sections and can play BUT, it's not at the level of being able to play through the whole piece from beginning to end at this tempo without any slip-ups. That would definitely require a lot more practicing.

If you want to learn this, GO FOR IT! This is such a beautiful piece by Ludovico Einaudi and I am so happy I got to learn it. So grateful for this video too :) Of course, it was intimidating at first, but take it step by step! You can do it!

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Nuvole Bianche... in English "White Clouds", the title fits Ludovico's composition so well, tranquil, calm, effortless, floating. Ludovico receives a lot of negativity from the classical world due to his simplicity, though I think the simplicity of his work is also the beauty of his work. It's not trying too hard to evoke complex emotions or challenge audiences, it's creating a canvas for you to get lost in your own thoughts, and I think everyone needs a little bit of that sometimes. Hope you have an excellent Monday.

Chris Johnson

Yes we will my sub teacher after lunch she always plays this on youtube so i’ll never forget it 😊😊❤❤ I listen to it at night😴😴


Perfect description. I agree. I bought the sheet music, and my 8 yo son is learning it for a recital. He can play Beethoven and Mozart, and he said this isn't an 'easy' piece.

Louis Kan-lacas

...reuhcirt nu se uT


What music is that at 6:21
I want know it please 🙏


GG for Song

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Marcus Veltri

You play so beautifully, amazing video!!! :)

samou hiou

The lyrical arabic version of it is so breath taking


@Shaddy no


@Vince On The Piano it’s private

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