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Nuvole Bianche
Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics


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Yuvlyn Cardamomo

Well, it's my time to honour the best people of my life. I used to call them "Dado" and "Dada", they were my neighbours, but acted as my grandparents. I basically grew up in their house, playing cards, eating a lot of bread and ham, listening to the stories of the WWII and how my Dado incredibly survived. They loved me a lot and spoiled me rotten, and everyday they reminded me how beautiful I was.
My Dado saw me doing my first steps, and my Dada's hugs were the only thing that calmed me as a baby.
Two years ago, Dado felt unwell and, while my mother was calling the ambulance, he asked me to visit him in the hospital, and I promised that I wouldn't have never failed that.
But he passed too soon, and I never had the chance to visit him, to maintain the promise.
He left Dada alone, and of course an old cancer she had appeared again, caused from the difficult loss of Dado. This March, she left us, and we couldn't go to the funeral because the Coronavirus situation in Italy.

My Dadi were everything to me. When I pass under their balcony, I can still hear his voice greeting me, and her silhouette going inside the house to open up the outside doors.

I miss them so much, but I am glad that our lives crossed.

Autumn Knox

I recently commented on another masterpiece: River Flows in You- Yiruma. Someone asked me to comment my thoughts about this piece, and I am glad that I have found another tear jerking piece lol. Here are my thoughts:

Soft. Quiet. Life seems so long and draining. The rain pit pattering on stone steps. People staring out of windows watching life go on without them. The rush of cars on a highway, a dreary and tiring sound. Crying silently in the dark. Stumbling blindly around. What is the meaning of all of this? Searching. Searching. Searching for so long but still not finding what you are missing...

Then a light? I see it coming closer. Slowly... quickly... and then all at once.

Stepping over stones, running through the forest, breathing in the fresh air. Falling off your skateboard and tearing your skin but getting up with a grin on your face. Late nights with friends talking, joking, and messing around. Kisses stolen in the rain and laughter echoing through hallways. Movies on repeat. Cliff jumping. Hiking to the top of a mountain and seeing the 360 degrees view. The joy of the first covering of snow and children's happiness of school being done for the summer. The crescendo building up joy, rising through the music. The rush of exhilaration. The flash of a million memories being made all at once.

But...then it falls again.

At the end of the day you are alone with your thoughts. The demons in your mind and the shadows that plague the world. When all has ended and there is a mist of hope: will you, yourself, grab on to it? Pull it in and embrace the soft tenderness? The swirling ups and downs of the music. Did the fog blind you or has it shown you the way? The energy, notes spiraling into the great unknown, yet the chords rooted in your soul. Will you let it lull you to sleep, or prod the wetness of your tears and wipe away the despair, allowing you to see for the first time?

What's that on the horizon? The setting sun beneath the clouds. The night bringing the stars into view. Thousands of them, glittering up in the heavens. Pouring liquid silver in an array of solemn composure and freedom. There is beauty in the darkness. And realize that this piece itself its life. It's the tender moments and the heart wrenching high plucks for hope. It's the fast whirl of emotions rushing out as you speed through memories. And it's the silence after it rains. The drip drip dripping as trees deposit the rain softly onto the ground. Life is quiet then.
But...there is always going to be another roller coaster of pain, happiness, silence, love, propriety, darkness, evil, and cruelty.


At the end there is this calmness.
Not at the end necessarily of life...but the end of what you have been searching for. Peace. Rest. The thing you were missing all along has been found.

You have been found.


I learned to play this by breaking it down into sections and drilling one section a day for several hours, or until I was confident.
* Here's my method: *
Section 1 = 0:03 - 0:32
Section 2 = 0:33 - 0:56
Section 3 = 0:57 - 1:21
Section 4 = 1:22 - 1:47
Section 5 = 1:48 - 2:14
Section 6 = 2:15 - 2:59
Section 7 = 3:00 - 3:28
Repeat sections 1 - 7
(Finale) Section 8 = 5:42 - 6:17
I really hope this helps someone! Good luck!


This made me cry, i'm gonna start learning this piece. Ill come back to this comment once i finish learning this.

Edit: (22/03/20)
Waddup im about 60% finished, ill come back to update my progress:D

Edit: (24/03/20)

Edit: (21/07/20)
I never thought id get this much likes but thanks everyone!!<3

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Nuvole Bianche... in English "White Clouds", the title fits Ludovico's composition so well, tranquil, calm, effortless, floating. Ludovico receives a lot of negativity from the classical world due to his simplicity, though I think the simplicity of his work is also the beauty of his work. It's not trying too hard to evoke complex emotions or challenge audiences, it's creating a canvas for you to get lost in your own thoughts, and I think everyone needs a little bit of that sometimes. Hope you have an excellent Monday.


@Spartan4free It sounds like pop to me, lol.

Matthew O'Rourke


Dalila Merzougui

Hope u're doing sending u lots of love and compassion
Stay strong
May her soul rest in peace

Matthew Behrman

It sounds very much like a pop song, I can imagine a big time female pop vocalist singing this melody and it being a huge hit

Liliana Lupi


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M Caan

And for 6 minutes, the world was ok

Dawn Cawthra

Beautiful comment

rahaf asiri

It feels like the world has stopped for 6 minutes

Massimo Leone

Totally agree

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