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Luke Scott Dumper Lyrics

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What other actors should we feature next?

Jake Mooshian

Natalie Portman and Kiera knightly because their careers are falling apart seeing as they both had kids big mistakes celebrities should not have kids sorry that’s the truth

Jim Ramos

I think 💬🤔 Jason Lee should definitely make a comeback get back on his feet he should join dceu maybe he could be a villain or hero just like legend actors made a comeback why not him if they can do it so can he 👈🙏🙏👍💯


Scott Eastwood. I have a HUGE crush on him.❤

Brad King

Ray Romano


@Keenan Hoang "What other actors should we feature next?"... Alf Garnet

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Out of all the incredible things Lee has done, ditching Scientology was perhaps his greatest achievement.

Scott Davidson

That's good.

Sparkle Canada

@420snoogins Actually...Watchtower Org/Jehovah's Witnesses, also covers over a multitude of Crimes committed by and to their Rank and File Members, for many decades now.
"Silence Is Golden" for their image.
What they can keep hidden and unaddressed is their safe space.
And as for Tax Exempt Status and the Benefits to their personal bank accounts...That's also a Huge Problem needing investigation.

Darien McNew

@MrSniperdude01 you don’t get a choice on the “ buying their bullshit “ part . You either buy their shit or you’re gone

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