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Without a Face
Luluc Lyrics

And a picture play around
Look at those, we're upside down
Dazzling colors fill the page
Who could guess you are your age?
All the rooms that out of place
There's me without a face

Oh you like to write about it
In your pretty as the skies

What a big smile, what a frown?
You're dancing and jumping like a clown
You choose the best strings to pull off
Then we moved about to your song
Maybe fall down to your knees
In a world of make believe

Oh you like to write about it
So insane so in rage
You were fall down like order
Spilling off the page

Oh ho ho ho ho
Oh ho ho ho ho

Oh you like to find about it
In your pretty as the skies
And worlds fall down like order
Spilling from your eyes

Contributed by Isabella L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ana Paula González

She reminds me of Nico.

Jasmine Bird

Ana Paula González except she sings in tune x

Kelly Adams

I love every song I've heard by "Luluc".  "Small Window is my favorite so far.  By the way, have you heard the original version of this song by singer/songwriter "Nick Drake?  Although different it is still great in my humble  opinion..  Luluc does a number of Nick Drake covers. For a great Nick Drake mellow tune give "into the Blue" a listening too. Thanks for sharing! :-) 

Simon Hodges

@Simon Hodges Actually all of Pink Moon, always and forever.

Simon Hodges

@evolvingandroid 'Which Will" :)


In all my years listening to music on youtube, this is the first nick drake reference I've seen outside of a nick drake video. You have a good taste in music my friend. I will however suggest you to listen to "Cello Song" by nick. That song resonates deeply. (And yes, I agree. Luluc is one of my favorite recent finds.)


Each track is as good or better as the previous one. Pretty rare these days!  Very refreshing


This song is like a magic.

Marianne Monaghan

Lovely voice and music!


This is beautiful

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