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The Tallest Tree
Lunatic Wolf Lyrics

I climbed the tallest tree in the garden
Just like when I was small
The oldest tree in the garden
Just like when I was small
Now the branches wiser

Why did this happen?
How did I grow so tall?
It's hard to take back what's taken
So long to form

I used to sit here and swing here
But now it seems too tall
I guess I could do it
But I feel that I may fall

Trust in the wind to set us straight again
I don't want to take my head that way
To live like this is bold
It's tempting trying to walk this way
When every thought directs the show

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Comments from YouTube:

Tanya H

I really wanna learn the guitar part of this song

Adson Maximiano

I don't now why but everything I listen this song tears come to my eyes, so beautiful.

SJ Kruger

SA Legends!

Priananda Sanditya

This great song surely needs more exposure!


Just discovered guys, and I love your music. Great work, keep with it. Congrats from spain :D

I’m a clown! *honk honk*

This song is so beautiful. It reminds me of being really young and having no responsibility’s. I’m sad the Lunatic wolf don’t post anymore.

Lunatic Wolf

Thanks for the kind words David. I know It’s been a while since we’ve posted here but expect a few new things on here real soon. 😊 stay safe! Gav

Nicole Smith

so talented oh my word I love this song ❤

Delvin Hester

really happy I discovered this!! :D

Mynor Alvarado

I love this song! so much...

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