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The Butterfly
Máiréad Nesbitt Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Enjoy Life with Me

she tells a story with that violin.


I find it amazing her hair never gets caught in her violin

Jeff Crable

It actually does


I don't see how those people sit still in the audience. I'd be all like "I WANNA DANCE!!" lol haha

David Knisely

She did this live at the last Celtic Woman concert I attended and was passing only a few feet from where I was sitting. Live, it was simply way beyond marvelous!

Judith Chemotti

Beautiful, talented and loves to flirt with audiences and the drummer her husband he can't keep his eyes off her and laughs at her antics, so cute.

Drew Rinella

@beans Yeah I didn't quite understand that comment either.

Gerald Chesnut

Playing at that skill level is no harder than juggling while walking a tight rope and doing back flips, Mairead's the best.


I love how she holds her bow. There's something powerful and sincere about it.

Henry Bilke

You have to love that little impish smile she has at about 1:20, when she changes the rhythm and the melody. Almost as if she's saying, "Can you keep up with me ? " Lovely in every way.

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