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can't wait to namedrop this album in my top 10 list to let people know how cultured and cool i am


+ReallyNotReally Just did that and I got two likes. Life feels good now :)

Manic Panic

Blinding track..sounding like a psychedelic ice cream van ! Great stuff


True. Love the record. & that apt description. My ears are happy.


Wow, spot on lol

Manic Panic

+MonilothDreams1 haha definitely...."do you want LSD on your ice cream sir"


@lee pritchard hahaha man, i was wondering what the sounds on this track reminded me of! Psychedelic ice cream van, now that's a profession I'd do

Russell Greig

I fucking cannot get enough of this tune, brilliantly hypnootic, what a groove. Beautiful.

Xaaji Mislow

This is some psychedelic bliss straight from Congo. Sad western media doesn't highlight the vast congolese music scene, instead of the wars. Let love and peace prevail over imperialism. Free the Congo!

Tesya Adesanya

Beautifully said

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