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Knock Knock
MED Lyrics

I'm right outside your crib
Yo I'mma come through
Send me your door number
Hit me back
Oh I see it right there, I see it
I'll be through in a minute, get at me
Go visit my cousin right quick
He always told me if you need anything fam, just take it yo
I could go tonight, I know he not home

Knock Knock
Menacing, cousin Villain, let my self in
Only need a stick of butter, cheese
And some some vitamin D
Double O-M, as in 'mescaline'
Hang the hat on steez, the gentleman's testament
The rest been sold and told like the book of Evangel
I'mma hold the DVD, I ain't seen Scandal
A handful IOU
Won't miss a brew, or two, or six
Torture the lyrics, mics and crucifix
Fresh new kicks, I would put 'em on 'cept
Them shoes always hurt my corn
Might as well return his young shirt was war torn
Got you on the track with the horn, word is bond
I see you when you gone to the next event (Represent)
Get paid, big cuz Villain message sent

Turn the keys then amnesia
Scent of reefer
Missing a few beers from the freezer
Distract from the cheeks in her jeans, bruh
Told to have a seat or i could be one
The fever, Madlib single like a DJuh
Fling with get the pockets on keebla
From the cantina
Slip cheetahs off her heels
Like Queen Sheba
Still sip Seagram in the plastic cup, I hit the Wheaties
Case without the DVD, stuck watchin' TV
Roll the freebie, then get blown
Tryna touch down, when in the friend zone
Unchecked sent texts and miscalls
Explains the unwashed (?) from locked doors
Told her she got to twerk to get gone
Still a jerk like when you hold the Tec wrong

Wolf, get that whole car pulled
Push, Joe Barnes broke bully on the boulevard
Shook like white sugar with her clothes off
And cook like white bricks for the fix
It's the bogart
Coke barns like a (?)
It's a boat broke
Tryna flow with the fish
You a big dish, fuck a big them
You's a kids meal
Mickey D's and a hook
We shook grams out of hands, nigga
Just dance MC Hammer in the pants
With a ten speed hemi on your bread
Like a big dream, mind like a Benz on La Brea
Player, pay your friends, get it in Blu feeling 'em (?)
Chris Benjamin Franklin's been gangsta
What the good fuck, you's a hood anklet
You's a cute chick
You's a cute little chick, ain't ya?


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