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MFBTY Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by MFBTY:

6am M F B T Y M F Bizzy T Y Yoonmirae] 난…
Angel 'Cause you will always be my... 'Cause you will always be…
Bang Diggy Bang Bang 방방 타러 가자 방방 방 뛰고 방방 방방 All right, all…
BizzyTigerYoonmirae Tiger JK] Ring the alarm jigeumeun gingeupsanghwang hadeon…
Clap Love 괜히 미소 지어 네 생각에 괜히 울다가 웃다가 다 너 때문에 Love 행복의 눈물 나…
Let It Go Waiting at the borderline Get away from all the flashing lig…
Rebel Music Ntro] You can try to run from your lies But karma from…
Sweet Dream [Hook] We were meant to be in another time, another life Pos…
방뛰기방방 Bangbang tareo gaja bangbang Bangttwigo bangbang bangbang A…
부끄부끄 (Buckubucku) Uh Bukkeubukkeu bukkeureo bukkeubukkeu bukkeureo Bukkeubukk…
야야야 (Half Time) And if your loving this ride Could've have been here tonight…
야야야 Half Time And if your loving this ride Could've have been here tonight…

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Comments from YouTube:

L. A.

Tiger JK, the man on the left, is known as the godfather of Korean hip-hop.
He confessed that he used to be prejudiced against idol rappers, and even against RM himself when he first heard of him from Bang PD.
Then, after talking about music with RM he knew that RM was not just an “idol rapper”.

“RM’s attitude toward music, the way he writes lyrics and understands the song also reminded me of our old days as underground rappers. He is sincere, passionate and most of all, talented.”

artistic persona

@Shane Zamora
Wale also said how RM would be so much more successful rapper in America of how he writes and produces and raps, i am so happy

sue BE swag

😭legend legend


@L. A. that article is seriously irritating. MFBTY has stayed a loyal group, tigerjk bizzy and mirae wouldn've never split up or chosen another long-term arrangement if it meant they had to be broken up or stayed away from each others projects. them refusing is not a negative thing at all..


@Giselle WTF bruh?

Hi sisterss

@Giselle the hell?

14 More Replies...

⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭


He is a rapper
He is a vocalist
He is a dancer
He is a lyricist
He is an actor
He is an ANGEL

artistic persona

@Mary Franklin
People do wrong in life, especially when they grow up in a wrong enviroment, he was a kid hanging out with a wrong crowd

Vince Carter

@Mary Franklin 외노자야 ㄷㅊ

Oksana MomLove


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