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Extra Terrestrial Boogie
MacKenzie Theory Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Robert Neilson

They made the trip north and I saw them at QIT/QUT in about 1974. They have stuck in my mind ever since. A great sound.

Stephen Griffin

I saw this band live a few times and loved them every time.

Trevor Holden

This band was absolutely incredible, blowing my mind each and every magical time they played with majestic astro -physical geometrical music.. But I will tell of a very special instance; I had gone, very late at night, with my teenage mates to catch them at a famous Melbourne Discoteque (not sure of spelling) called the 'Thumping Tum'. When the band had finally set up on stage it was immediately noticeable that both Rob (guitarist) and his girlfriend Cleis (beautiful violinist) were in a huge argument. The anger from this argument in particular made Cleis into a complete firebrand and she played like a woman posessed by the devil. And shortly after starting Rob followed suite. Oh my sweet god what an incredible jaw dropping event, I never did again see her play to that level of fever pitch power.. Stunning, electrifying and soul energizing.. thankyou MacKenzie Theory so very much..


GTK was highly influential for me in mid 1970's at a time I was branching out from commercial crap-pop. You can imagine my anger when it was shafted and Countdown continued!

pHil antHropic

I only saw them once at Monash Uni Melbourne, the amazing cleiss pierce on violin and greg sheehan on drums I don't know the other players...….legendary but never probably got beyond a cult following.

Alia Leadabrand

@Vivienne Williams Mike Leadabrand is the bassist in this clip.

Vivienne Williams

Paul Wheeler on bass, joined Aztecs and Phil Manning Band.


great band! what a treat

Martin Borman

Wow! Video live! perfectly!
More please!

Cliff Works


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