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Rats With Wings
MadLove Lyrics

Eyes burning against the wind
Air pushed 'til the meter's pinned
While you're waiting to climb the walls
Stop to breathe in the chemicals

Diving into pavement
While sunlight stings
No one's gonna save us
From rats with wings

Eyes cut out and all brand new
In stitches and slow to move
Vultures dancing on methane graves
Clip their wings and they're here to stay

Needles and knives
Fall from the sky
Birds of prey have flown away
Escape the rain

Save us, save us with, your wings

Contributed by Isaiah M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


i like it, nice to hear a studio version too (the live sound at ATP kind of missed the vocals and keyboards) hope to pick up a copy of this soon


do thisssss


genial Trevor!

Diana Campbell

i totally own thissss




this song - voice verse and chorus - sound like a 80 s song.. i cant remmeber the name (a pop song)


kinda remind me army of me by bjork in some parts


this band is tricksey...