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Made Up Minds Lyrics

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02. Yellowcard Said I'd move on and I'd leave it alone But before…
AJ Tracey I went three steps backward, but then I came through…
Atomic Neon Fighting for another light Fighting for another day Fighti…
Cody Pounding in my chest Shattered pieces my heart I am coming a…
Crystal Eyes Countdown! The time is right We got a final war to…
David Dunn You can't take this anymore 'Cause even breathin' is a choic…
Die Kreuzen Fighting for our lives is all we know In the city…
Divinyls I'm shattered to pieces there's a pounding in my chest But…
Eyeshine It's not the same without you, I'm not afraid To go…
Goodie Mob Put me in a serious situation hope I get another…
Hannah Miller Love Dont you hurt so much Tell me look don't touch Have …
Pharaoh The hollow harvest A generations plow Will never be missed…
Saints of Valory I'm gonna let you know I'm not ready to fall When my…
Signmark fighting with the picture can´t fit inside the frame, shadow…
Sons of Thunder I'm the preacher-man I tell you the truth Now open your…
The Rifles She's making phone calls late at night to her best friend's…
TM NETWORK 頬を切りつける 凍えた風の中 夜明けを待ちながら 背中丸めてた 追いかけてた夢に 裏切られたあの日は 温もりより寒さに真…
Yellowcard Said I'd move on and I'd leave it alone But before…
서태지와 아이들 난 버림받았어 한마디로 얘기하자면 보기좋게 차인것 같아 빌어먹을 내 가슴속엔 아직 네가 살아있어 정말 난…

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Sherlock Watson


Breathes heavily


Just to add onto what everyone else is saying, I think Reid had every right to be upset with JJ. I know that she was just doing her part, and keeping her mouth shut, and I know that Prentiss had a really shitty time too, but jesus. Reid is sensitive too. Many people need someone to lean on, and he has a right to be angry because JJ lied to him, and let him sit there and feel horrible. Again, I get that JJ was doing her job. BUT...Reid is just doing his mental health. His mind practically deteriorated when they all lost Prentiss. He fell apart.

It's 'No one's fault' but it is?

Benign Viewer

​@mental illness innit And through JJ she could keep up to date on her friends lives. While it's not the same as being with them, it definitely isn't the same as losing them, except in the most self-centred sense, which I hope Emily isn't. She was trying to reach out to him, but I think only underscored how she didn't understand. Also the more Hotch and Emily tried to intervene with Reid for JJ, the worse they made his resentment, making him feel ganged up on for his feelings. If they'd left Spence's upset with JJ alone, he'd have been more inclined to talk it out with her. Nothing makes someone lash out more than backing them into a metaphorical (in this case emotional) corner.

JJ and Spence is a tough one.
Both have good reason for feeling the way they do, in the unenviable position they were put in. It doesn't make sense for the powers that be not to inform the whole BAU team instead of just Hotch - they deal with sensitive and potentially classified material every day - but at the same time once the orders are given, I can get why they feel they have to follow them, even though it betrays the trust of their close colleagues.

I think the real issue at the heart of Reid's upset especially is that the person he trusted most didn't stand up for him and have him included despite the impact it was having on him. There actually isn't really any good reason to decieve the BAU team in general, because if Doyle in anyway suspects she survived he isn't going to trust the reactions of the FBI anyway, and if he's just always spying on them deeply enough to bug their homes and office, then he'd discover JJ's scrabble games, or Morgan and Garcia's own private investigation.
That aside, to the FBI there is a case to be made for them including Reid if only to manage one of their most precious resources: he's an invaluable asset to the Bureau, and the fake trauma almost had him leave it. Furthermore Reid would also be extremely helpful to them catching Doyle, especially in light of how he was instrumental in finally putting him away and saving Declan in the show's resolution that plot line.

Now we don't know if JJ ever did go to bat for Spence's involvement and just failed, but her counter-accusation that he didn't figure it out from her and Hotch, seems more like the deflection of a frustrated and guilty conscience. She too feels like she failed him, but isn't quite sure how, so she repeats the same excuses she was given. That's why she apologizes and takes his anger, but also can't just wait him out: she's driven by feeling responsible for their relationship.
If she didn't feel ownership for the damage done, she wouldn't be trying so (too) hard to fix it.
She still wasn't wrong for not telling Spence, but she did fail to get him included; she wasn't wrong to try and support him through the situation as best she could, but she allowed the trust of their personal realtionship to allay any doubt he might otherwise have had (a la Morgan and Garcia) about the truth.

JJ had to walk an impossible tightrope between her job and friendship, and it was highly unethical for any agency to put her in that position as Emily's handler. A more grounded show wouldn't have involved JJ (and Hotch) to the exclusion of the rest of the unit, as the real world FBI would operate, but I get that the character drama was the whole point for things playing out the way they did, realism and reason be damned. That said, and as someone else said before, I wish the show would have taken more time to develop the conflict and resolution, instead of the cheap(er) entertainment of snarky comments and emotional accusations.


45 seconds in and I'm already crying. Don't ask me why I'm watching this in 2019

all these punches reid's throwing i literally have to stop the video and breathe for a second.
"charm's quite the killer."
"so are tears."

"maybe she offended him"
"wonder what that's like"

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He threw the Jennifer AND Dilaudid bombs at her... damn, Reid. You know your emotional warfare.

Gabriel Souto



@DawnDSOK... Thanks Captain Obvious. LQTM ; )

Spence reads quickly...

Spence wears shoes...

Amanda Smith

@mike bergmans They didn't even do a scene where they found out about his drug use in season two. It was mainly implied that he was a recovering drug addict.

mike bergmans

@Logoless Scene as i dsif... would have been cool bit didnt happen ;p

Logoless Scene

@mike bergmans episode?

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JJ: maybe she offended him?
Reid: wonder what's that like. 😂😂

danielle meikle


Gabriel Souto

@Ellen Louise they was only in mostly the first half right I haven’t even seen the episode yet

Ellen Louise

I loved that throughout the episode they kept doing these subtle pointed remarks to each other, pettiness at its finest

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