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Erè Mèla Mèla
Mahmoud Ahmed Lyrics

Endew mela mela, ere mela
Endew mela mela, mela mela
Alfeligim fikir kanchi lela

(What to do with this issue, this issue
What to do with this issue, this issue
I don't want love other than you)

Qiteren yilugnal, sewoch saygebachew
Tirfbota yelem, bilesh nigeriachew
Tenserafteshibet, baymiroye guada
Anchin yet adrigey, liqebel engida

("Hire us" they say to me, people who don't understand
Just tell them here is no open place
You've take up all the room in my mind
Where would I put you to accept a guest)

Libe Kelibish gar
Behasab tegenangto
Sigelagel aderku
Yanchi bene tintu

That my heart and your heart
Are joined in our thoughts
I reassure myself before sleeping
I am yours even in my old age

Ehil ayibelagn, aytimegn muziqa
Desitaye anchi nesh, teredawit beka

(The grain won't go down, the music has lost its taste
My happiness is you, I have finally learned)

Yehakimoch bizat, minim alderagni
Beshitaye anchi nesh, beqirb atigegni
Berabeng Betemang, minaminu belawu
Tigabe kanchi gar, Mehonu mech atahu

(The many doctors I've seen, won't help me at all
My sickness is you, since you are not near
Though I hunger and thirst, I eat whatever
That my fullness is by your side, how can I not know?)

Writer(s): Mahmoud Ahmed

Contributed by Grayson R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Nelson Filipe

Parece sempre igual e no entanto não me farto de escutá-la. Hipnótica e dançante.

Greg Kozak

What a great piece! Ethiopian music has its own very distinct sound, just like the food has its own unique taste. Wonderful stuff- both!

دهّــام السـلولي

Ethiopians... wow wow wow an amazing people wonderful memories UN`forgetable times i have spent with them... and my Ethiopian flag is sweet heart alemnesh.. thanks for sharing... u make me crying body


The song playing here is a contemporary rendition of an old love tune. "Please divine 'some means or craft (Mela)' I want no one else's love, but yours... I enjoy no other music but you... you are my illness, ..." Ethiopians often have a problem of dating when such songs began. Our generation received them & they are in public domain. A number of artists have their own renditions of the tune. Mahmoud began playing his in the 60's or 70s. (I do not know if I answered your question.)

Solomon Asfaw

Ethiopia's number 1 song of all time. Thank you Mahmoud and Ibex Band, Shewaluel, producers...

Wise Berhan

One of the most everlasting songs evermade. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Seid Ali

The literal meaning of "Ebakesh Taraqign" is "May peace be with us! My Darling!". It is a kind of genuine request by a lover for his sweetheart to forgive him and make life peaceful with love.


I love this song! I love ethiopia music! but my favorite Mahmoud Ahmed song is " Ebakesh Taraqign". Someone can traslate it? what it means? This word have a sound so suggestive! thanks!


It is just request an apology and regret to broke with his love!!

Bibi Abraham

Hallo. Even though your question has been writen 6 years ago...hope you Will read it one good day. The song Ebakesh tarekign talks about his regreats for he lost his beloved one and that he wants her back so bad.

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