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Mamadou Diabate Lyrics

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Word. Life is a symphony... You are a song... Everything is a unique song. Music = Vibration = Life, Creation.

But don't think - submerge yourself in music, let it flow through you, talk to you, reveal mysteries beyond what can be conveyed by words...

Or simply enjoy!! :)

I have the greatest respect for Kora and the associated deep culture & tradition... Though I am very new to it.
But you can hear... There is depth, wisdom of centuries....
Or am I just imagining everything?

Any recommendations? I basically only know Sona Jobarthé so far, no other artists...

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Milica Bulatovic

I am so in love with this music and Africa. I am a girl from Serbia, but somehow I feel this in my heart and soul.

jahmehkan horn

@La Luna as


Arty saber

Africa is home of culture 😍

Ichtiar Iskandar

Me 2


Botswana awaits.. Afrika is calling

Hussein Yussuf

I offer you free visa 😂😂😂

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Imagine it’s the 14th century and you live in the city of Timbuktu. You just finished a long day of hard work and you walk into a tavern and hear this majestic music.

Silvia Mendes

It's even more delicious if you imagine that you are a woman.

diango diagana

@Ezrael Yohannes ?77788ddďďdď

Dawn Hewitt - The Gluten-Free Girl

@Dickens McCain so creative!

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