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Mantovani & His Orchestra Lyrics


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Franck Leprince

Originally written for an early sound film, by composer Erno Rapee, and used in a second film a few years later, "Charmaine" proved immediately popular, but by 1950 had become largely forgotten. Owing to its inclusion, with Rapee's other famous composition, "Diane", in the film "Sunset Boulevard", starring Gloria Swanson and William Holden, in 1950, it was heard by Mantovani and his wife Winifred, when they attended an early cinema showing. Mantovani asked Ronald Binge to arrange both songs to include in an album of waltzes. His recording of "Charmaine" was played continually by an American disc jockey on a radio programme, and this led to a public demand for a single, which had not by then been produced. Its astonishing record sales figure persuaded Mantovani to adopt "Charmaine" as his own signature tune, and Binge's style of arranging for strings, as heard in "Charmaine" became known as the Mantovani Cascading Strings style. However, 'cascades' are not used as often as people think, and in fact 'rising' strings are just as much of a feature, but the main trick to scoring in this style is by overlapping, and sustaining the string parts, to create an echo effect which is not dependent on studio recording gimmicks. We performed a great many of Binge's and Mantovani's arrangements live, with the Magic of Mantovani Orchestra, and from the first cou-le of bars in the first rehearsal, the Mantovani effect, exactly as heard on the records, was at once apparent, without microphones, speakers, or any electronic gadgetry. The success of the original album led to a new recording many years later, when Mantovani was responsible for recording the very first stereo tracks ever made, which were for the Decca London label.


This is the music of ascension to heaven

sean gold

@lipsticklizzie1 Me too my father was 51 and they played this at the church on exit 😥

Jeffrey Edwards

I bloody hope not.

Beverly Sinclair

i think you are right

Muralidharan m.p

Wow brother! None could have put it better.

Toni Hasemanhunt

Played at my dads funeral , he loved this so much x

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gerald novak

Back to a time people dressed up to go out in public,there were no cell phones,no stock market daily reports,no political correctness, family time at meals, maybe 5 channels on the tv, one large radio in the living room for music, you helped your could tell when your morning coffee was ready by the percolator sound, most stores were closed on Wednesday at noon and never open Sundays and we actually enjoyed life to the fullest.


Watching my 13" black and white Admiral 📺


5 channels!? we only had 2!

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