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Tokyo Rain
Marcus Warner Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Marcus Warner:

Forward Thinking A life of hope and promise The future in our hands A…
Telescope If I could use a telescope Would I see a brighter…
The Calling The sun is brighter every day Wider eyes to see The world…
The World is Beautiful We'll spend our days In the warmth of the sun As life…

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Marcus Warner

Uploading music before the album has been released has been a great experience, as I am able to hear feedback from all of you as I work on new music. Negative and positive, it all helps so much. So that having been said, what are your thoughts on the album so far?

adam flory

@Tyrian Hawke I’d probably consider it New Age music. It’s mostly all I listen too

adam flory

I love it best when you are utilizing big brass band, electro, and spine-chilling key changes. Those types of songs make it to my favorites. I like this song it’s very moody.


This fills me with uncontrollable saddness. It helps me through tho.

Pooch Panda

Honestly, this piece touched something deep inside of me, there's good details and balance in it without overkilling anything. You've used multiple positive-music vibes but put them together so well, I'm seriously seriously surprised at hearing this piece, to me it's a new dimension in music I didn't experience before in how u put it together. There's a lot of music out there that's just using the same tones together repeatedly and building it up with little variation, while that ain't necessarily bad, what makes a song truly good to me is having some special highlight. To me that being the part you've kept hidden towards the later half of the music with some freaking violins kicking in, being so beautifully different. A serious thank you and congratulations on making this piece

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Emma Suiter

This album is so different. I've followed your music for a few years now, and fell in love with the sweeping melodies and vocals of songs like Africa and The Calling. They were inspirational, vast, existential. The Captain's Dance has always been one of my favorites for being one of your songs that tells an audible story. I liked Way of Honour for similar reasons. This album isn't like those. (I wish I had the composer's vocabulary to talk about it, but I don't, so I'll muddle through.) It's woven through with some of the grand crescendos and gorgeous vocals of your earlier work, but it's also more present. Quieter. More understated. Peaceful, to me, but still with the ability to transport the imagination. It feels more daily. Anyway, that was a long rambling way of saying, it's different, but I think it's more intimately beautiful. Oh, for goodness' sakes. All these words and I'm not closer to explaining it than I was at the beginning. Kudos to you, then, Warner, for creating something so nearly indescribable.

Emma Suiter

+Casey Collier

Thank you for that endorsement, I sincerely appreciate that--doubly so because it came from a YouTube comments section, and I swear half the time I read these everything on them is negative. Anyway, I'm glad it made sense to someone. And I'm glad you mentioned memory and imagination & the idea of living a life you never lived. I was doing through a bunch of psych experiment studies and various articles for a research project a few months ago, and stumbled across something really interesting: when you read a book, your mind processes what you are reading the same way it processes and stores memory. (Smells, tastes, sights, sounds, everything.) Imagination is so vivid that your brain actually records it AS MEMORY. It's why stories and books are so vivid to us, and were long before we began mastering the art of film. We're able to distinguish what we have and have not lived ourselves, of course (barring psychological disorder), but I think that's why music like this is so powerful, and stays with us so long after we've heard it. It folds itself into our memory, kind of like a parallel life.

Casey Collier

+Inedita X

I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis. This piece and others like it in the album are definitely similar in that they have a more nuanced tone that doesn't necessarily grab your attention initially. While some people may see that as a weakness, I have taken to understanding it in a different way. I believe that you are correct in your statement that the piece is "more intimately beautiful." This track does not try to appeal through pure emotion, but instead attempts to connect with people's sense of imagination and memory. Through my own interpretation, this kind of music uses your past experiences in life to paint a picture of this parallel life that you never lived. Of course, it is all highly subjective considering the fact that everyone takes something different away from music. That being said, I do personally agree with all of your points, barring one. If someone is given enough time and has the will to do so, almost anything can be described through interpretation. You wrote your synopsis well and given the nature of what you where reviewing, it was hardly an undemanding feat to accomplish in a comprehensive manner.

To that, I would like to applaud you on your effort and wish you good luck in all your future endeavors.


My top 5 masterpieces of Marcus Warner
1. In the end
2. Tokyo rain
3. A tale of sea dragons
4. Africa
5. if I should return

ranit D

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