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The Colour of Spring
Mark Hollis Lyrics

"Forget our fate", the peddler sings.
Set up to sell my soul,
I've lived a life for wealth to bring.
And yet I'll gaze [at]
The color of spring,
Immerse in that one moment,
Left in love with everything,
Soar the bridges that I burnt before,
One song among us all


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Numberseven Hull

"Forget our fate", the pedlar sings
Set up to sell my soul
I've lived a life for wealth to bring
And yet I'll gaze [at]
The colour of spring
Immerse in that one moment
Left in love with everything
Soar the bridges that I burnt before
One song among us all

Mark Hollis (1955-2019)

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"Before you play two notes learn how to play one note - and don't play one note unless you've got a reason to play it." - Mark Hollis (1998)

Gabriel Stansfield

Spot on, I remember that early Saturday morning tv 💔😢😔

Kenneth Kornacki

He did more with silence than many will ever do with instruments and vocals.

Barry Kennedy

In an interview mark Hollis once said his favourite instrument was silence and no other artist used silence so beautifully as mark hollis✊


Oh, Ken, you so nailed that. Mark embodied a talent and a connection like no other I have ever known. We've all been robbed. Unfairly, tragically, irredeemably. My heart still aches.

marlon harewood

The first 18 seconds are pure genius. Silence, how he used & broke it was always his secret weapon. So sad that 20 years of silence has to be broken by news of his passing.

Computer Chimp

absolutely. mark always talked about the importance of silence in every interview. sorry to revive an old comment but you are so right..


Silence broken by silence. Almost a year, and I am still not well.


Mark has died. My dream and that of so many others that he come back to us just one more time will never be. Thanks Mark, for everything.


And here we are, and she is still not set up. But she will be. She and I have NOT forgotten.

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