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Dragon Mistress
by Marty Friedman

We have lyrics for these tracks by Marty Friedman:

03- Last September I've been away from home More than I care to remember Kept…
08 Live And Learn Spinning wheels keep turning backwards It's so hard to hold…
Forbidden City Instrumental.…
Gimme a Dose Marty Friedman - Insturmental…
Hands of Time Angie Look what you've done to me You left me standing her…
Last September I've been away from home More than I care to remember Kept…
Live and Learn Spinning wheels keep turning backwards It's so hard to hold…
Shine On Me Stepped off the bus You were an innocent little girl You c…
The Brightest Star Of All Well I'm standing here, so free to move And what I…
Tornado of Souls This morning I made the call The one that ends it…

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Comments from YouTube:

Muffin Monster

Dude this is way better than most of the "rock" these days.

Dele Xovich

I wish he carried out 2:28 a bit longer, a beautiful soloing.

Debbie Athy

It is at that a beautiful solo Gutair song indeed

Nickname in 2018? LUL

He usually does in live performances

Ben Yaacobi

2:52 holy wars alert

Debbie Athy

Bad ass tube here I need to find cds by this guy to play in my car driving like I did before I moved here to Connecticut nothing bettter than cranking your fav genre of music in your car driving and rocking out as well makes the day more awesome and makes for a very happy metalhead chick

JacksonGeetarguy 97

Debbie Athy well glad to see you like CT. I think it’s ok, I don’t really like it too much. It is a chill place. Thinking about moving to NY it’s nice upstate. Very chill nice place to live up there. Probably cold, but we gotta stand the cold down here in the winter too.

Debbie Athy

Dodgeramfan05 Cummins I love Connecticut it’s so rural and everything is so close to drive to out here I came from newtonvile mass a very stuck up city definitely not a big metalhead city very snobby with Starbucks and yuppie puppy people out here they have bike nights motorcycle events tons of metal tribute bands that play out here no meters to pay to park somewhere beautiful every where what part of Connecticut do U live in u should check out the tribute bands that play in Chicopee mass at poor Richards and at club one in feeding hills I have been to both they are great places to
See metal tribute bands play I’m
Going to a Black Sabbath tribute band that is going to be playing at the tabacco shed Cafe in winsler locks soon they are called into the void you should look them up on Facebook if you want to so much more to do in Connecticut then when I lived before I have been here about six months now I have done so much more event wise than I did when I lived in conservative newtonvile mass

JacksonGeetarguy 97

Debbie Athy you moved here to Connecticut? Do u like CT? I kinda don’t really like it here. It’s ok.

Debbie Athy

cool name for a song title dragons are awesome love them

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