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3 Lions 3 Chords
Masai Tribesman Lyrics

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Warren McNair

My Main Man.
I speak English,
And I suppose that I am a Man,
So therefore today I am an Englishman.
But hey,
I got the Masterplan for Gareth Southgate and the Old Country in order to turn things around and end the unbearable years of unspeakable pain, agony and utter davastation that you folks have endured since 1966.
Am Irish but I myself get nightmares, night sweats, flashbacks and wake up screaming when I remember all of Team Englands bungling and misadventures.
Its the Dream Team,
Put Michael Barrymore and Frank Spencer up front as a little and large combination.
For Entertainment value.
I mean,
Lets face facts, those two crackpots would cause so much consternation and mayhem in any opposing defence,
They could confuse the Devil.
And you know its true.
Then get Les Battersby at Central Defence,
He once told a man who I met in a pub that Les actually had trials for
Manchester United...
Such wasted talent.
Now give him a few cans of Special Brew and let his face get red and then he will get very aggressive.
The British Bulldog Spirit.
Our Les wont be taking any prisoners,
Make no mistake.
Then bring GAZZA out of retirement and back into central midfield where he belongs and tell him not to bother with the skilful stuff,
Just juggle the ball a wee bit and boom it up the air into the opposition box like a rugby up and under from that crap Rugby film Up and Under with Martin Clunes.
Now that film was indeed
Very poor.
All Barrymoores and Frank Spencer have to do is impose their physical dominance on the opposition, cause a wee bit of chaos with their tomfoolery and outrageous antics and some England player is bound to stick the ball is the onion basket.
At some stage during the match.
Keep it simple I say.
I hate when things confuse me.
Tis the Luck of the Irish begorrah!

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Mike B

Brilliant thanks Wayne. I saw The Lightning Seeds last night and they closed with this


It "IS" coming home. I've got to learn this!, especially as we're going to smash Sweden on Saturday :) like the 52 years line

Liam Gallagher


Sean Tarras

You sitting there with your waist goat have your house coat on now ya fud

Sean Tarras

Callum Cowan....what happened you run out a steam....look at yius now your going home.....bell end

Callum Cowan

You didn't answer my question paddy o'gobshitey

bitter Irish twat says what?

Sean Tarras

Ha ha....get it up yas, you got pumped now theres you diner.....🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Had to come back lol, i like playing this it brings a smile to my face, especially after the 2-0 result, i knew we'd smash 'em :)

RJ Middleton

Nice one Wayne, I'm trying to nail World in Motion on an acoustic, not sure it's doable. But that might just be me. Cheers again, Mate.

Lee Kam

Top man 👍

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