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Maserati Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Maserati:

No More Sages Lonely when I wake up Today no makeup Fighting with myself i…
There Will Always Be Someone Behind You There is someone walking behind you Turn around, look at me …

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Comments from YouTube:

Onofrio Fanelli

if you want words read a book.

Ricardo Pereira Figueira

If you want only sound, go hear farts.

Disco Dan

Underrated band!!!!!! Everyone I have introduced to this band have liked it. If i have a party with very many different people with different taste in music, this band never goes wrong. I just put on the "Inventions for the new season" album; and all heads are bobbing before you know it.

Andrea Meli

Awesome instrumentals, it's about time I found a decent band like these - keep up the impressive work!


I heard this first on the Weather Channel. Found it again for download on KEXP Song of the Day. Perfect job, Jerry. So good.

Rob Brown

Love how tight everyone is playing. This song reminds me of Eminence Front

JT Hundley

Saw them live in Silverlake! Worth the $65 parking ticket I received!

chad morris

first band/concert ive ever seen live. leaning on the stage watching them rock out with the drummers blue light drumet will never leave my mind. too bad to hear about the drummer he was a cool guy. talked to him at an after party he was nice and a great artist.


Hah, heard this on the weather channel, local on the 8's. Glad I found it, pretty sweet song and was hooked immediately. The weather channel has their own section where you can see what music they play each month, in case anyone is interested.


I know this song due to a Props BMX section. There is a video editor called Stew Johnson, who made an edit, in which the song appeared. And I was watching all of him and made some notes about the best songs in there. So, one day I needed to drive all day long with my car and couldn't get enough of this song. Especially the climax is so unbelievable good. A really good song needs to be experienced by yourself alone and not with others, it is strange, but that's what I have noticed in my life.

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