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An End Once And For All
Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Score Lyrics

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J Michael

Anderson: "Feels like years since i just...sat down."

Shepard: "I've think you've earned a rest."

Shepard: "Anderson?"

Anderson: "You did good son,You did good,I'm proud of you..."

Shepard: "Anderson?"

I fucking cried....

Sébastien Xing

IMO synthesis is the best in terms of results (perhaps not coherence with the events of the saga):

-destroy is just plain wrong in my eyes; the star child/harbinger is right that sooner rather than later, a civilization would create a dangerous AI again, especially since you, EDI, and the Geth aren’t there anymore to provide any kind of guidance, concerning the truth of the reapers or the price that had to be paid for coexistence (although bioware judged good to have shepard « live » in EC for some reason - since my shepard wasn’t wearing n7 armor anymore, must have been THE Conrad :p). In the best of cases in destroy, if Miranda lives, she could save Shepard with some sorts of lazarus II but I still wouldn’t think that future AI/organic wars could truly be prevented that way. EDI and the Geth are still sacrificed.

-control depends: if Shepard’s will and sanity are « frozen in time », then there can be room for peace and prosperity. But if Shepard’s mind is subject to aging, then, at best, we have an enlightened dictator type, at worse, he/she could go mad and wipe all life in the Galaxy. If you’re an optimist though, you would imagine Shepard creating a new body to spend some time with his friends, and this could become the best ending in hat point of view.

-Refusal just feels bad, meaning that everything you did in the games was ultimately for the next cycle to succeed, just like the Protheans, and although the Stargazer seems to suggest that they found a way to win, who knows what are/were the consequences of that victory.

-Finally, Synthesis is a compromise. Like some say, it’s kind of playing god, erasing part of what makes each organic an individual, which is disturbing in itself. It is also a big shock for everyone (you can see that with the soldiers not cheering at the retreat of the Reapers, in contrast with the other endings). But ultimately, it is the price to pay for lasting peace and prosperity for all sapients, organic or synthetic, as those can only be reached with heightened collective intelligence (intelligence also meaning understanding here), and not through the will of a single being/mind, however powerful or wise it is (referring to the control ending). Plus, we can see it doesn’t make the organics (your crew) significantly more « machine »(except for that creepy appearance), while EDI truly seems more « human »; with her reactions and expressions, she truly seems to have organic emotions, which is was very touching to me.

tl;dr: the only option that i see being beneficial in the long run is synthesis

Trey Carter

I dunno man. They are very intolerant of more conservative based players opinions. I was kicked off the FB fan page for staying opinions that didn't follow extremely liberal topics. Or for playing devil's advocate.

Like once somebody was blasting someone else for saying they wish they could romance their sibling in Andromeda. People were(rightfully so) saying it was a little weird and not normal to wanna do that.

I pointed out something along the lines of "But it's not weird to want to have interspecies intercourse, essentially beastiality, in regards to Garrus, Liara, Tali, Wrex, or whatever alien waifu you have?"

They all bashed on me so hard. I didn't even take a side. Just pointed out that its a tad hypocritical to give somebody a hard time for not being "normal" in their gameplay fantasy, while theirs is also "not normal" as far as most people would be concerned.

They started acting like I just said the KKK is a group of well behaved individuals or something.


Goodbye Ash

Goodbye Legion

Goodbye Thane

Goodbye Mordin

Goodbye Anderson

"It's hard enough fighting a war. But it's worse knowing no matter how hard you try... you can't save them all."
—Commander Shepard

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Shepard is on that bar waiting for Garrus

Nathan Cabrales

@SwitchedBit I believe the writers said that Synthesis was the morally correct outcome and gave you examples along the way as to why that is. Even in ME2 they made it integral from the beginning to essentially redeem the only “bad guy” you’ve known in ME1, the Geth, with Legion. Whom is universally loved as a character/teammate.

Then they gave you EDI and made it a point to emphasize that isolating her was wrong. And then they took it a step further in ME3 to show that AI can have feeling with her relationship with Joker.

Between that and showing that the Geth cared for the Quarian’s enough to clean their homeworld, BioWare pretty much spoon fed you the theme that all AI aren’t inherently bad and deserve the “live”

Giovy N7

Garrus sappi che ti offriro da bere in quel bar insieme a Mordin e Ashley


@SwitchedBit Funny thing : if you choose control there are two types of Shepard speech depending on which path you choose - paragon or renegade

Mélanie Richard-Sabourin

The wait is almost over!

AIO YouTuber TV

@SinDawg030 Not all of her crew servived... RIP EDI.

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J Michael

Anderson: "Feels like years since i just...sat down."

Shepard: "I've think you've earned a rest."

Shepard: "Anderson?"

Anderson: "You did good son,You did good,I'm proud of you..."

Shepard: "Anderson?"

I fucking cried....

Boa tentativa! Babaca

So did i bro, so did i....



Hunter Killer

mgcreative ;-;

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