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Dice Make Art
Matt LaGoy Lyrics

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nobody really

00:00:00 Chapter 1. The Occult Way
00:09:36 Chapter 2. Some Practical Applications Of Occultism
00:28:35 Chapter 3. The Group Mind
00:47:44 Chapter 4. The Psychology Of Ritual
00:53:28 Chapter 5. The Circuit Of Force
01:11:42 Chapter 6. The Three Kinds Of Reality
01:37:20 Chapter 7. Non-Humans
01:57:49 Chapter 8. Black Magic
02:06:26 Chapter 9. A Magical Body
02:22:01 Chapter 10. The Occult Field Today
03:17:21 Chapter 11. Esoteric Glossary

nobody really

@Areej Al It appears that the other languages need fixing also. This will take some time, but the Arabic subtitles are now fixed. Let me know if there are any problems with them. :)

nobody really

@Areej Al I'll try to correct this issue. I thought it was, but it seems to be glitching. I'll update you when it is fixed.

Areej Al

The translation into Arabic became English after a few minutes, please amend. Thank you very much

Atomic Gun

This is what I needed. Thank you.

Col Coconut

Thank you for sharing

Yam Esotericist

Mysticism or esotericism, what's the difference? Actually neither one nor the other.
Essence or meaning? In fact, these are diametrically opposed things. What is happening with the world now? Who is guilty? Can only one person be guilty, for example Putin? What is the meaning of the nightmare that is happening now? So, the meaning is just in it and there is no essence, why?
So, about what is happening right now in the world! The only justification, so to speak, for this nightmare is the fact that it fits the “Matrix Scenario". It was not the Americans who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, it was the Matrix that created such a scenario, and then, through its “algorithms” that are available in every person, fulfilled it.
Naturally, you need to know what the Matrix is in order to have at least some chance!
You must understand, or rather, realize what Elon Musk is talking about and what he means when he says that we need to build a new Matrix, and most importantly, why we need to fly to Mars.
At least now you will know why Einstein showed his tongue to everyone and what he meant in the last question to himself.
I'm offering concept knowledge for ten thousand dollars. I offer $500 preliminary consultation with physical (!!!) evidence.
The Matrix is destroying my Ukrainian people and I need to save my loved ones, I must pay "Caesar." (Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's).
Money is the accumulated energy of Qi, so to speak, my knowledge is the accumulated labor of more than ten years.

Lord Ahmad yahowah OTAIR MAZDA

May god end bother s