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Spoonful Of Sugar
Matt Mays Lyrics

Spoonful of sugar in Montreal city
When the leaves are dying and look so pretty
At home the ships are on the rocks and sinking
And as hard as we try
We just can't stop thinking

Dirt in my fist roots on my sleeve
This year the trees fell before the leaves
People like me like people like you
Cause people like you are far too few

Oh night daylight had got nothing on you
And nothing's everlasting when your
Always just passing through Oh no!

Ear full of music just when I need it
Your sould won't sing unless you bleed it
Lookin' for answers through the night owl's window
A million miles an hour through the wind n' snow
A spoonful of sugar in Montreal city

Nothing can cure this homesick disease
This fall the trees fell before the leaves

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Comments from YouTube:


this track always gets me, makes me think of lost love and the tiny special moments that make the big picture in our lives.
Canadian rock at it's best !

Cory D

wow what an amazing tune!

Sean C

This is one of Matt's best tunes for sure

richard zehr

One of my all time favourite Mays tune!

Sure Why Not

I saw Matt with museum pieces at richards on richards in vancouver right before it closed. I believe it was 2006. easily the best small venue show ive ever seen. I remember this song resonating in that room. I'd been moving apartments for 14 hours and 2 of my friends bailed but I wanted to go even though I was dead tired. Matt came out after the main set and did cocaine cowgirl, city of lakes and on the hood with his acoustic guitar. It was a great performance to be a part of. Lots of Halifax transplants present and the whole bar knew all the words. I would love to have a beer with this guy and chat for half an hour. Matt Mays is the real deal, all killer no filler.

Joe Cruze

Sure Why Not he's the most under appreciated Canadian musician. I recently saw him in my home town in southern Ontario

colton withers

Matt is hands down my fav musician !

Drew Mikitiuk

Always fantastic, Matt Mays and band!!


no dislikes, right on LOL

Cosmo Gamer

probably my favourite matt mays song

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